Voice-based Nutrition
Intake Management

The user can easily record his / her meal intake data through voice input.
Second Wind App

"All You Have to is just Say It."

The user can easily input the food he or she has eaten.
Our voice input function analyzes the user's language, and grasps various food information according to local characteristics and helps to record more accurate data.

Even when various foods are inputted, the recognition rate is improved by analyzing the syllable between the user's voice input and selecting all available data.

Value of Solution

It provides more convenient voice-based nutrition management service
by applying our national language processing technology, matching technique with dialect DB, and pronunciation correction technology.
License Agreement
with KNS & RDA for the Dietary DBs
DB Analysis with Our Search Engine
Voice-based Nutrition Management System

"Much Easier to Enter by Voice than to Enter Tedious Text"

It helps users to input data more conveniently and quickly through voice input than slow and inconvenient text input.

How the Voice Recognition Module Works

Start voice recognition

Record voice of search words

Analyze and correct the query

Transmit the result value

Provide the analysis result
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