Have you ever forgotten
to take medicine?
Everyone has at least one experience of skipping medication.
When it comes to medicine or health supplements,
it is of utmost importance to take it on a regular basis.
The smart medication checker developed
by Medi Plus Solution greatly reduces the difficulties
of regular medications simply and accurately.
This is exactly what you need. Medi Plus Solution focused on one single function
that you need most to manage your medication
- telling you when to take medicine
and recording the time you take it.
  • Good medication control alone
    can improve your healthcare effects.
    Given that there are various medication rules,
    there is no simpler and more intuitive way to send messages.
    After all, steady medication improves the patient’s health.
  • An inexpensive and practical
    medication monitoring service
    Connecting your smartphone,
    you can manage your medication history
    by setting the time for medication
    and receiving a notification
    of the medication time.
  • An intuitive idea
    for the convenience
    of everyday life
    It is designed
    in pursuit of minimalism
    and economic feasibility
    to use in daily life.
Connection with Healthcare Service
and Smart Medication Checker
By syncing with Medi Plus Solution’s healthcare service app,
you can manage your medication history
and take the medication lessons
with the notification to take medicine.

You can add or remove medicines to take,
analyze your medication history
with medication monitoring feature,
and check your medication compliance.

The medication notification feature can be linked
with your smart band as well as your smartphone
to improve the user interface.
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