We will continue to do our best to provide the best healthcare service for a happier life.

Our Mission is to Harness Our Creativity
Into a Viable Solution

We will never stop leading the industry as we have been doing up till now.
  • 2020
    • Signed a global clinical research contract with Mayo Clinic, USA
    • Launched smart medication management service 'Yakkuk'
    • Establishment of a joint venture with the magazine 'Monthly Cancer'
    • Second Doctor Mall, an online shopping mall linked to patient healthcare reward system, opened.
  • 2019
    • Partnership agreement with HancomGMD for healthcare collaboration
    • Partnership agreement with EOFlow Co., Ltd. for specialized care services for diabetics
    • Vendor partnership with Gartner
    • Service partnership with Macrogen, a DNA sequencing service provider
    • Series-A fundraising successfully closed
    • License Agreement for diabetes care solution with XieKang(Shenzhen) Health Management Co., Ltd. In China
  • 2018
    • Achieved T4 Rate for its Excellence in Technology Capabilities by Korea Enterprise Data, a Tech Credit Bureau
    • 2017 Excellent company selected by ICT fund business - Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication, Korea Broadcasting and Communications Promotion.
    • Signed a contract for the joint development of mental health examination service with the Institute of Mental Health Medicine
    • Certified as Innovies of technology innovation
    • 'Second Wind' contract signed with The Korean Prostate Society
    • Mass production of Dofit Smartband & Smart Medication Checker
    • 'Be Healthy' medical check-up services covering both mental and physical health
  • 2017
    • Attended the Exhibition at MWC & 4YFN Barcelona
    • Awarded Grand Prize for Shared Growth Supporters Proposal by SBA
    • Developed KT's Neofit2 smartband
  • 2016
    • Neofit Smartband project with KT
    • Selected as Fast Track Incubation Company by KT and GCCEI
  • 2015
    • Obtained 1st Class FDA registration & MFDS approval for 'Second wind'
    • Registered as a Venture Research Corp
    • Awarded Grand Prize by MSIP for dally healthcare & IoT pilot services
  • 2014
    • Co-development project for heart rehabilitation solution
    • Chronic Disease Index (CDI) developed based on our clinical big-data analysis technologies
  • 2013
    • Clinical research for the protocol to develop the post-care solutions for cancer survivors
    • Medi Plus Solution founded
    • Research Lab launched
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